Booking Engines are Not Necessary

The Online Travel Agency (OTA) Ecosystem is doomed in its current form. Change is coming. In fact, the results that OTA's produce are dismal. In most instances, OTA's bring accommodation providers as little as 5% of all of thier bookings. Five percent. So why do we give our business to them? Simple, we think there is no other choice.

I have been working undercover as a Motel Manager for the past 2 years for the purpose of digging deep into Online Travel Agencies and booking engines such as siteminder and stahh. My experience is more extensive but I am saying that for the past 2 years my focus has been solely on how online travel agencies operate. The results are astounding.

I kicked this journey off knowing that I was going to be paid less than the minimum wage for a child. I did that because I needed to get an insight into the Online Travel Agency sector and expose it for what it is, a scumbag.

Guests book their stays with utmost faith. They are searching for the ultimate bargain.